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My name is Brad Rhodes, owner of Auto Obsessions LLC, in Osceola, IN. I’ve been installing aftermarket accessories in vehicles for the past 16 years and what started out as a job quickly turned into a passion. It was this passion that drove me to open Auto Obsessions in December of 2015. I’m an MECP Advanced technician as well as a certified PPF and window tint installer. I have spent countless hours in training facilities, attending special events, and learning as much as I can from the industry leaders. I’ve always been a curious person and will jump at any opportunity to hone my craft.

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Why us?

The application of window tint and paint protection films isn’t just a skill, it’s an art. It requires patience, accuracy, steadiness and finesse. I started Auto Obsessions because I saw the need for a locally owned business that approaches every project with these qualities. We only use the top rated films in the industry like Llumar, and Hüper Optik.  Our installations are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We will not sacrifice quality and believe that it’s this mindset that separates us from the others. Remote Starts require the ability to understand every aspect of the vehicle in order to make sure the install is as seamless as possible. With brands like Compustar, iDatastart and Eurostart, our soltions are not only the most reliable, but with our installations standards you are guarantee to be free of hassle. We specialize specifically in European vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, and Porsche.

With the ever growing popularity of vehicle customization, Auto Obsessions strives to provide Michiana with a professional and reliable company that they can count on. We are here to educate our customers and answer any questions you may have when it comes to enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and comfort. Feel free to browse our photo albums and LIKE and SHARE our page! Don’t hesitate to contact us for information on your next upgrade!

Image by Jonathan Gallegos
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