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Backup Cameras


Backup Cameras


MDAS-9 Driver Assistance System

The MDAS-9 by Movon is an Advanced Driver Assistance System which provides visual, audible & available haptic vibrations alerts for functions like Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), DVR front / rear recording and more for any vehicle. This system can be installed in any vehicle and records statistics of driving habits which can provide invaluable feedback to fleet-vehicle owners or new drivers alike. 

Rear Cameras

With the amount of distractions increasing on the road, comes the increased possibility of human error car accidents. Our integrated safety solutions make any driving situation easier and safer. With multiple mounting options available, drivers can utilize our multi-camera solution that meets their needs and blends in seamlessly to create a clean OEM appearance


360 Cameras


Have you ever wished you could have cameras on all four sides of your vehicle, for better trail driving off-road, or for easier navigating and parking every day? Now you can! The system consists of four cameras (front, rear and both sides), a control module, and an included dash-mounted control pad. Once installed, the system becomes the ultimate aid for low speed maneuvering on or off-road.

When you put the vehicle in reverse, you’ll see a rear camera image with park lines pop up alongside a bird’s-eye vehicle image. For a full screen rear view, simply press and hold the button on the control pad.

When you put the vehicle in forward gear, simply press the button on your dash for a split screen view of your front camera and bird’s-eye vehicle image. Press and hold the button for a full screen view of your front camera. Press again to get a split view of the front and both side cameras.


Blindspot Cameras


Radar Blindspot

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