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Laser & Radar

Police Radar Detection, Laser Jamming, Built-in, or Portable…we have the quietest and most advanced warning range solutions you need to drive fast, safe, and ticket-free.


K40 Radar Detector & Laser Jammer

K40 RL360di Radar Detector

Custom installed fully integrated 360º police radar protection.

The best and quietest long range police radar detector for speeding ticket protection.

Four hidden receivers, 18 unique settings, hundreds of customizable options for your specific vehicle and driving style, and an installation so discreet, your friends will think the system came with your vehicle. The K40 RL360di radar detector is so complete, you’ll fly down the road feeling like you’re surrounded by an invisible force field of protection.


K40 Laser Defusers

Complete laser jammer defense against police laser speeding tickets

How the K40 Laser Defuser Laser Jammer Combats Police Laser Guns?

If a police laser (LIDAR) gun is used to target your vehicle with short bursts of infrared light traveling at 186,000 miles per second, it takes just 0.3 seconds to get a speed lock on your vehicle.  A police laser beam operates like a flashlight beam – the closer it gets to the wall, the smaller it becomes. At the typical targeting distance of 1000 feet, the targeting laser beam is 30″ in diameter. At 500 feet, the police laser beam is reduced to only 15″ in diameter! Laser jammers can only jam a police laser gun signal they detect. While two Laser Defuser transponders come standard in a K40 protection package, the available mounting locations, your driving habits, where you drive, and the size of your vehicle may necessitate having up to five Laser Defusers installed for ticket-free guaranteed combat readiness.


K40 RL200di Radar Detector

The RL200di front police radar detection system embodies the same attributes we set out to define as industry standards when we introduced the world’s first remote, custom installed radar detector in 1983. Performance. Convenience. Flexibility.

You’ll drive with full confidence knowing you’re protected from police radar threats by the highest performance front detection system available. All the while, your driving experience will be enhanced with features like an automatic K-Band Filter and Mark to Mute option that reject or silence annoying false alerts, as well as Mark to Alert option to notify you of important locations – such as a red light camera – where increased observation vigilance is desired.

If you want to expand your system’s protection capabilities with lightning fast firepower, you can add up to five Laser Defuser® laser jammers for the most advanced shield of defense against front targeted police threats.


K40 RLS2 Radar / Laser Detector

Portable Performance Taken to the MAX

Utilizing many of the same advanced technologies found in our acclaimed remote installed police radar detection systems, the high-performance RLS2 packs a powerful defensive police radar and LIDAR detector punch into a convenient, portable design.

Maximum accuracy and quiet driving enjoyment is assured thanks to the intelligent K-Band filter that automatically scans and rejects radar-based safety features.

By employing state-of-the-art GPS communication, maximum convenience is delivered with “Mark to Mute”. Just one button push is all that is required to permanently silence the audio warning of false warning locations you normally encounter.

With a variety of audible and visual warnings that warn what type of threat you’re facing as well as “geiger” audio effect that increases in intensity, you’ll be armed with maximum critical information so you can decide what action is required.

In addition to these early warning system features, 13 customizable settings give you maximum control over your driving experience.

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