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Tesla Window Tint & Paint Protection Specialists

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If you are an owner of a Tesla, and looking for the right person for the job, look no further. Every since the release of Tesla, we have stayed right on top protecting every model to the fullest. Tesla vehicles have unique aerodynamics making every panel suspect to rock chip damage and even large ovens with the amount of glass. Our knowledge of Tesla’s and own personal stock in the company, keep us well informed of the changes, and quality of Tesla; instilling your trust for any project on your vehicle.


Window Tint

Large glass leads to great amounts of heat and energy being transmitted through, onto you, and your dash. This radiated heat is invisible to the naked eye, however, we can feel it; and it’s hot! With our patented Hybrid Matrix Formula One Stratos film, we can block  >99% UV, and up to near-70% TRUE heat experience from solar infrared radiation. A true measurement of heat being transmitted through the glass. We SPECIALIZE in Ceramic window film applications and Tesla specific installs. ALL windscreens and rear windows are done in ONE piece. We NEVER two piece, or half-window install on Teslas, as well our completely edgeless install on the glass makes your tint seamless with the edge of your window. Click To learn more about this process

Image by Roberto Nickson

Paint Protection Film

Our Tesla specific packages for Paint protection film exceed any offerings elsewhere. Our knowledge of wear patterns, not even recognized from Tesla, make us the true professional of your vehicle. Over several dozen FULL Teslas done a year give us the competitive edge to show off why we are the best option to protect your Tesla.  Each package we offer is the best option available, with our very own custom Tesla Model X wear package. Click below to learn more about our Tesla packages.


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