Remote Starts

Truth be told, nothing is worse than getting into an ice cold, let alone having to scrape ice off the windshield. In Northern Indiana, one day it may be sunny, the other day, four feet of snow. At Auto Obsessions, we are ready and prepared for this unpredictable weather, and are knowledgeable in how it affects our vehicles. When we install a remote start in your vehicle, we are guaranteeing you a convenience nobody else can offer.  We have the most reliable solutions for all types of vehicles, matched with the highest rated installation standards and installers. An uncomfortable ride can lead to unsafe driving habits, so don’t let your discomfort cause you more pain in your body, or wallet.


Great remote starts aren't great unless they are installed by great installers. Auto Obsessions employs only the best installers in Michiana who have over decades of combined experience. Through the many years of technology changing, we have always kept our promise to the industry. As the industry expanded, our installers capabilities expanded. Each installer is MECP Certified, which gives you the relief of knowing your vehicle is in good hands. With the capabilities of our installers, backed by the greatest brands on the market, you are sure to not be disappointed.


Great Remote Car Starters Matter

Our Process

We are an Authorized Dealer for Eurostart remote starts for BMW and Mini. Not only do we specialize in European vehicles, we have been known to have solutions that many other shops do not offer. We can install remote starts on just about any vehicle from Land Rovers, Jaguars, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi. With our knowledge and certifications, there is no doubt we will have the perfect and most reliable solutions for you