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Introducing Llumar FormulaOne Window Film


You, your car, and your passengers will spend many miles together. From deep tints to clear shields, our automotive films make those miles calmer, cooler, happier and much more stylish. With an automotive film selection as wide as the open road, we ensure you get exactly the upgrades you want: a head-turning look, powerful heat rejection, protection from UV rays, even defense against scratches. Look after what you drive, and those you care about. Our high performance automotive film, professional installers, and limited lifetime warranty are here to help make it easy. Llumar Select Pro professionals are recognized for their exceptional service, expert installation, and spectacular results. As a LLumar SelectPro customer, you can trust that your vehicle will always get the attention it deserves.


Select Pro Certified Dealer

As a member of a select few in the nation, we’ve proven professional excellence in film quality applications and knowledge. Select Pro dealers are an Elite Network who have earned the highest degree of window tint recognition from the worlds largest window film manufacture. Select Pro is an accolade for true professionals in the film industry to offer and represent the #1 Rated films in the industry.




Highest Rated Experience


Highest Rated Films


Highest Standards

Highest Heat Rejection

FormulaOne Stratos Nano-Ceramic Window Tint

FormulaOne® Stratos™ is a top-of-the-line nano-ceramic window tint made for vehicle owners who simply won't settle. In any shade, it creates a sleek look that can also add extra privacy for you and your belongings.  Stratos features proprietary, non-metal Hybrid-Matrix construction for our maximum level of heat rejection and comfort. This premium tint blocks almost all the UV rays that cause premium interior finishes to crack and fade. 


Most Popular

FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic Tint


FormulaOne® Pinnacle® automotive tint is one of our most popular products. It increases your cool factor in multiple ways, with excellent heat rejection and a broad range of charcoal shades. Whether you choose a look that’s light or dark, Pinnacle’s powerful nano-ceramic composition will help give your AC a break on searing hot days, help protect you and your interior from damaging UV rays, and help cut irritating glare.

Heat Rejection / Entry Level Pricing

Llumar Ceramic CTX Window Tint


Our innovative ceramic window tint is available in a generous range of sophisticated charcoal shades, so you can create precisely the look you want. Every single stylish shade is paired with nanoceramic technology. This manufacturing innovation makes it possible to deliver excellent heat rejection, glare control and UV protection that’s completely metal-free, so it won’t interfere with signals from your electronic devices. If you’re demanding and want your car to get noticed, you’ve found your match in ceramic auto tints.


You want true, trustworthy customization. We want you to have it.

What you drive is highly personal, based on a unique combination of wants and needs. We believe customizing your car should enhance this feeling, not compromise it. This is why we offer multiple types of automotive films, all engineered to premium standards and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Get ready to find your ideal automotive film: a luxurious look, practical features, or both. Browse our subtle-to-dramatic range of tints; learn about clear UV blocker, discover invisible shields for paint protection, and more. It’s all here for you.


Why use


Even with our extensive training, and skillset from decades of tint, Core patterns provide the best patterns even for the best installers. Using computer cut patterns allows us to focus more on the prep and cleaning aspect, all the while, never touching a blade to your vehicle. Having to cut on the glass has a higher risk for damaged mouldings or even scratched glass. Core being designed by the same company who makes our film, furthermore instills the reliability and quality of Llumar Films and Core.

Ask the Pros

  • What are the differences between each series of film?
    The Classic Series and Comfort Series are films offered by Llumar, but not offered at Auto Obsessions. We stick to the highest demand of window films, and highest quality ceramic films on the market. We have proven to be the Ceramic Window Film Specialists, and we will stay that way. We offer three levels of Ceramic Tint. The CTX™ Series ceramic tint is an excellent performer when it comes to rejecting heat and is loaded with other benefits too. It shields you from 99% of harmful UV rays, cuts irritating glare, and helps protect against injuries from shattered glass – all while helping you feel cooler. This makes LLumar CTX a smart choice when you want top quality window tint but not the top-of-the-line price Our Pinnacle™ Series delivers the ultimate all-around performance in automotive window tint. The innovative nano-ceramic construction offers our maximum heat & UV protection along with glare reduction without interfering with signals from electronic devices. The Stratos™ Series is the newest technology in the tinting industry. It’s infused with infrared absorbing properties that rejects up to 63% of solar heat to enhance your driving experience. This proprietary hybrid-matrix technology utilizes multiple layers made up of billions of nanoscopic particles to create advanced infrared absorbing properties. The innovative layers are designed to trap heat and disperse it outward through your glass providing our maximum level of heat rejection without signal interference.
  • Does the shade percentage affect the price?
    The pricing is based on the quality of film you choose. These options include our CTX Series, Pinnacle Series, and Stratos Series. The price increases based on the percentage of heat rejection, the material, features, and what the lifetime warranty includes for each film. We currently don’t offer Classic, or Comfort Series due to high demand of our ceramic films.
  • Can you wash your car after you get your windows tinted?
    Yes – Window tint is installed on the interior of car so it won’t affect the windows. However, when cleaning the inside there are several precautions to take to avoid damage.
  • Can you use glass cleaner on tinted windows?
    Yes, but we recommend using foaming glass cleaner or our Auto Obsessions branded cleaner that does not contain ammonia. You can also fill a squirt bottle and add a small amount of dawn dish soap. Just don’t use any abrasive pads; a paper towel or squeegee is your best bet.
  • What is the legal limit in the state of Indiana?
    For coupes and sedans, the legal limit is: 30% for the driver/passenger & 30% on the rear half of the vehicle For pick ups, SUVs, and vans the legal limit is: 30% for the driver/passenger Rear window limitations are vague, no standard.
  • Is window tint applied on the interior or exterior of the vehicle?
    Window tint is applied on the interior of the vehicle. We shape the film on the outside of the vehicle with heat to mold it to the shape of the glass, we then apply the film to the interior glass.
  • How long does it take to tint my vehicle?
    A full vehicle typically takes about 2-3 hours to properly prep, and finish. Front two windows can take 1-1.5 hours. All our appointments however are drop off when we open and we call you when it’s done. We want to do the best job we can, and allowing us to take our time, just makes sure we can run fully through quality control.
  • Can you apply window film on top of factory tint?
    Yes, we actually recommend having film installed over your factory tint. Factory tint on trucks, vans, and SUVs do little for heat rejection and UV protection. It’s basically for privacy. Our FormulaOne films add heat rejection and will provide 99% of UV protection. If you don’t want to go any darker than your factory tint, we recommend our AIR80 film. It’s a clear film that delivers both heat rejection and 99% UV protection.
  • Is there a warranty for the film?
    Yes, there’s a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, fading, & bubbles for our Comfort™, Pinnacle™, and Stratos™ films. Customers also have the option of purchasing an extended no-fault lifetime warranty

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